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Web Design Mistakes Which Cause Harm

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A website is like a shop for small businesses and I can say that for big businesses also. Having a good website is like having a well-decorated shop, like every shop, which is beautifully maintained by shopkeepers. And in making a flawless website, some most common web design mistakes need to be avoided. 

Web Design is not a task, it is a form of art. An art that can be used in emphasizing user experience and giving them a better way of researching. A web designer is equipped with powers that can convert a startup into a brand HUGE BRAND!. This post is not only for the owner it will also helpful for web designers too. 

5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

Huge Mistake #1: Not Using Proper Technology

Here is why: Your prospects and customers are most likely visiting your website using all sorts of different computers, connection speeds and internet configuration settings…

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What might seem great to a single visitor may not even appear for another! You might very easily have shelled out hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars to have a website created using the Flash technology, just to find out that a number of your visitors won’t ever see it!

Web Design Mistake #2: Using Improper Approach

The”Internet Catalog” Approach — You find this everywhere. Good, honest and hardworking businessmen and women get online to sell their services or products, and also have a website that contains a link to just about everything they offer on one single page. Well, I do not need to leave out anybody. Should they visit my website, I wish to ensure I have what they’re looking for…”

This way of thinking couldn’t be farther from reality. That is why: There is an ancient rule that goes back to the beginning of direct-marketing on the internet, taught by the richest, most legendary and well-respected internet entrepreneurs ever.

“If you give your prospects too many choices, they become confused and are not sure what to do . Confused individuals never buy anything”

Big Mistake #3:

In reality, this false teaching is accepted as ‘gospel truth’ so often that many web designers will offer to do so to you at no, or little additional cost.

What they do not know is that certain words and phrases must be re-worded (to make it “keyword rich”) or taken out completely, simply to be looked upon highly by the mighty search engines — and this can destroy your sales, literally overnight.

Here is why: If you or a hired web designer optimize your webpage (i.e. any web page designed to market your goods and services) for a higher listing in the search engines, you are going to need to forfeit the pulling-power of your sales copy (i.e. written sales material) just to get those higher listings.

Sure, this may bring you more traffic — but what good is all of the traffic in the world, if your visitors arrive at your site and are not compelled enough to read why they ought to order your product?

For many years, it’s been taught that you must always attempt to find a “balance” of SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) mixed with promotional copy designed to sell your goods and services.

The reality is you shouldn’t optimize your sales page to the Search Engines. (We can show you precisely how to do so fast and easily and get massive targeted traffic from the Search Engines – without ever touching your sales site!).

Mistake #4:

Having a “Graphics-Based” Website — Sure, graphics can certainly help us to visualize a specific situation or circumstance, product or service. But did you realize that having a graphically-driven site can divert your visitor from your sales message?
In the end, your sales message (or “web copy”) is Your #-1 most significant element in a website that makes money.

Here is why: You’ve got approximately seven seconds from the time your visitor arrives at your own website, to the time that they decide whether to purchase your product, get more information or depart. If you have got a graphically-intensive site, your site will probably still be loading past your seven-second period limitation.

That is a”customer-killer” in and of itself – but the real reason lies within the fact that the larger, brighter and more beautiful your graphics are, the more they will distract your visitor from your sales message. And if your visitor is distracted even for a moment, it might mean the difference between getting a sale and losing a client.

Huge Mistake #5:

Designing a Website with Zero Marketing Experience — Most web designers don’t have any clue how to earn money on the internet, with anything aside from their design solutions. It is not their fault – they simply have no or very little marketing and sales expertise.

In the end, they’re just website designers. But having your website designed by somebody with Zero internet marketing experience is like buying a street-car with no engine… it will not go anywhere, and it will just waste your time and cash!

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