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The Nag Tibba Trek – Day 2

The morning was breezy and a bit colder; we all were getting upon our last night activities and fun. As we accomplished this year’s Annual Meet & Review Program –AAROHAN 2019. Now it was the time to move further in the next part of the whole office trip, Nag Tibba Trek.

Let me ask you a question, Have you ever engaged yourself in any kind of adventure sport(s)? Well, if the answer is yes, then you can able to assume where this post will go. And, if the answer is No then I will take you there.

Well, this whole world is full of different kinds of living entities. Some like to cook food, some like to eat only (without giving a damn to cooking). Some like to roam hither and thither, some want to stay in their den only (upon their needs). Some want to make friends; some remain happy in their solitude. There is every kind of people in this world.

Rishikesh to Pantwari

Way to Pantwari

But, here in India Interactive, you just need to be a little bit crazier. That madness of doing ANYTHING should be in your veins. So, the whole India Interactive Team all set to climb the Nag Tibba. There is a village in the district of Mussoorie, Pantwari, from where we all were supposed to do a proper trek. No way of taking vehicles up there. It took us 5 hours to reach Pantwari from Rishikesh.

Way to Pantwari

In the afternoon of 29th May, we were having our backpacks on our shoulders and quietly listening to the instructions of our trek leader. He gave us all the necessary instructions, which we have to follow throughout the trek. On the other hand, climbing a mountain like Nag Tibba is not a cup of tea for many, we have to take care of each and everything. A wrong step can put us into a whole different situation. So, with the name of God, we started our climb.

About Nag Tibba

It is a mountain which lies in the District of Mussoorie. It has a legend behind it and the Legend is. Once the place was daunted by the snakes and the whole locality was disturbed by the presence of snakes. The serpents used to harm the people of that area. One day, after exhausted by the terror of snakes, people worshipped the Snakes God and they built a temple to pay homage.

About the Nag Tibba

When the Snakes God was happy with the worship of the natives, he gave that place a boon that there be no longer any snake in that area. And from thence the mountain is guarded by the Snakes God. To provide a better sense of living.

The Nag Tibba Trek

About the trek

After getting a packet of lunch we started marching towards our Base Camp. That whole afternoon we have covered almost 6 kilometres and enjoyed every bit there. We hooted out several God and Goddesses names and us all the arena full of enthusiasm, sports, and happiness.

In addition to this, we all were approaching towards the base camp and above all, the Sun was setting just behind our backs. Upon every passing second, the sunset got much beautiful. Imagine that you are going upward on a hill and the Sun was setting just behind you, believe me, it will be the most cherishable moments of your life.

About the trek

Slowly slowly, the whole thing was covered up by the darkness, as the Sun disappeared. There we all have reached our base camp where the tents and all the things were put together. Moreover, everything was so nicely arranged that we got every bit to enjoy. We got our food on time; there were well-suited sleeping bags for all, and everything that we needed on that trek.

The trek manager arranged the best, we have our bonfire and enjoyed our there to some time. We talked about each other, we discussed every nit-picks of our mates. Further, we had our dinner and moved toward our tents to sleep. But before going to sleep, for instance, we have seen the sky which is full of stars. Now you must be thinking that the sky is always full of stars, but that night has got its charms which I can’t be able to describe in words.

Next Morning

On this day, we have to submit on the peak. So, we have to get up early in the morning. Around 5’o clock, every buddy was up and having an acclimatized walk, to cope with the new climate. Since, the morning was a little bit colder, so we pulled out our woollens. We did all the necessary things (for the body). And without any delay, we started our last push.

Conquering the Nag Tibba Trek

We are a team, in which some are doing any adventurous thing for the very first time and some are there who love to do those types of things. Though this trek falls in the category of easy treks still, it is worthy for the first-timers. It gives you the sense of trekking and it forces you to feel that adrenaline rush into your veins.

conquering the nag tibba

The glittering meadows, long oak trees, and the mountains covered with snow, always leaves a soul into a whole different arena. And believe me, all these things keep reminding us that we all living and we should not give up in any condition as they do us the climate change.

Within a matter of 4 hours, we reached the top of the mountain, we did we summit successfully. We did some photography. At the top, we could easily able to cast a glance at some very famous Himalayan peaks like BanderPoonch, KaalaNaag, and a little part of Swargrohini. Some of us spent time watching those majestic peaks, in other words, that was the time which we needed in our life from a very hectic schedule.

Next Morning after conquering thr Nag Tibba trek

After that, we marched descending because we have to reach to Pantwari before the Sunset but we failed in that and we all were late. And because of that, we faced many challenges in descending because there was no sufficient light. But we reached safely in Pantwari. And then we started back to Agra via Mussoorie.

In conclusion and to sum up, the tour was a mind-boggling experience which India Interactive gave to its employees. A hearty thanks to Mr Manu Dutt, because of him we had a chance to get into the life of the real adventurers. I highly recommend you to do this trek for once in your lifetime.