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Online Business Post Lockdown!

Switching to an Online Business Post Lockdown! Let’s get started!

Online Business Post Lockdown!

Online Business Post Lockdown!
Online Business Post Lockdown!

The half-past 2020 is all about lingering away from the daunting effects of the stringent lockdown that brought the world to an unexpected halt.

The lockdown went a bit harsh as businesses across all lines and people in all belts were swathed by financial turbulence, job losses, business closures, and all forms of financial, mental distress.

Online Businesses post lockdown are a sought after goal for a lot of businesses who wish to operate online without any physical touch and in a hassle-free manner.

During the lockdown

Anjali Baliyan from our team called up the clients to know about how they’re coping with the pandemic and it really felt good knowing that plenty of our clients were operational (following the necessary COVID-19 protocols) through their digital platforms such as Websites, Apps, Social Media throughout.

Switching business into and online business

It was a sigh of relief to know that the client’s vision of switching business into and online business were yielding desired results even in the times of a pandemic. Then we planned to move ahead and reached out to small businesses who wished to get an online presence as soon as the situation calms down.

With India Interactive’s quality digital marketing services; every day we are helping and communicating with all kinds of businesses to switch their operations to online mediums.

How to start an Online Business?

How to Start Online Business

If you are an entrepreneur and want to start your online business or if you want to switch your already established business into an online business; consulting a trusted Digital Marketing agency will give you benefits of both worlds.

The reason being; a Digital Marketing Company can brief you much better about what Digital Marketing is all about, how much does it cost and what are achievable.

Secondly, Online Marketing firms usually assist countless numbers of businesses in developing and maintaining an online presence. Hence, if you choose to consult experienced Digital Marketing experts first; they will give you a clear picture of how this form of marketing works.

*Tip – Digital Marketing companies like India Interactive provides holistic digital solutions to meet all your needs. We have a fleet of more than 20 experts to serve you with quality digital solutions.

Timeline of events at India Interactive

Step 1 – Understanding your business type and requirements

Step 2 – Competitor Analysis and strategy Development

Step 3 – Client briefing and finalizing the actionable

Step 4 – If you have already had an online presence in the form of websites, apps, social media; It audit the same and try to find flaws (if any). We improvise if flaws exist.

Step 5 – If you wish to build from scratch; we’ve got the best Logo designers, website developers, app developers, digital marketing experts along with an amazing team of trained professionals in your service.

Ignite your entrepreneurial passion and give us a call at +91 8791 611 777.

Qualities we are known for:

  • 100% transparency and affordable price guaranteed.
  • 24*7 Customer Support

The String of Unlocks

The String of Unlocks

Let us all agree to the fact that the lockdown was very strict and we all gasped for freedom to get back our previous life. The virus is still far from extinction & speculations exist that it will stay for more couple of years.

What brought more insult to injury is the Indian news channels. Who scared a few of us & gave the vibes of edginess to the core during the lockdown.

As the economy kneeled down and the revenues thinned; it was time for the government to bite the bullet and unlock the economy in a phased manner.

It felt like a time trip as the current world asks for thermal scanning, masks, sanitizers, no touching, Social distancing, & of course no sneezing!

After a couple of months post the first unlock; Our team is fully operational remotely as well as from our campus. Since then; We have helped more than a dozen micro, small, and medium scale businesses to get their websites and apps intact for operating businesses online.

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How can India Interactive help your business with your Digital Marketing Journey?

India Interactive offers a spectrum of digital marketing services to all kinds of businesses. Over the years of experience in delivering quality results; our Website development services, social media marketing services and the entire digital marketing campaigns have brought us glory and ample of success to our clients.

The below mentioned are some of the digital solutions your business can benefit with India Interactive –

Dynamic Website Development
  • Dynamic Website Development –

Having a dynamic website is the first and foremost step to getting started with Digital Marketing. A website allows you to showcase your business to your viewers and potential customers in just a couple of clicks.

Once your website is ready and the viewers start visiting; you can have a track of your visitors with Google Analytics that will show you the following details –

  • Real-time Viewers
    • Audience
    • Acquisition
    • Behavior
    • Conversions

Tracking the exact number of online visitors is the best benefit of digital marketing like no other means of marketing can show you this exact analytics and trends of your potential customers.

Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing –

With over 2.7 billion Facebook users and 1 billion Instagram users; social media offers a universe of opportunities to expand your visibility and build a brand online.

Moreover, the race to gain more followers and likes are non-ending! The more followers you earn the better brand will build.

Let’s get started!

Email us: [email protected]

Paid Advertisements
  • Paid Advertisements –

A few businesses are seasonal businesses i.e. the peak season of the business is limited to just a few months. For instance, businesses in North Indian tourism is bound to be from October to March. Online Business Post Lockdown

So, to gain the maximum benefits of online marketing in these few months; you can opt for paid advertisements that help in boosting and reaching out to the target audience in no time.

Facebook Advertisements, Google Ads via Adwords are two of the best ways to generate leads at very reasonable budgets.

  • Branding –

Well said by Walter Landor “Products are made in the factory, but brands are made in the mind”

Impressive and intelligent logo designs for an emerging brand is very crucial for success as it helps in laying the foundation in the minds of the viewers.

Consequently, good graphics designing helps in creating suave social media creatives that dazzle your social media profiles attracting the eyes of plenty of your target audience.

Think about the Amul mascot & feel the nostalgic creatives in the newspapers then and now on their social media.

  • Mobile App Development –

Mobile Apps are one of the favorite picks of businesses who wish to sell and serve their customers from the comfort of their home! Be it online booking, online shopping, or making reservations; Mobile Apps are an amazing way to keep your customers connected with your brand.

In the light of coronavirus; a lot of wholesaler businesses have marked excellent hassle-free business operations as the mobile apps allowed businesses to book their orders and make payments easily.

Conclusion –

online business is very important in present times! . It not just eases your business operations but also gives a hand at the back of your customers to communicate well with you.

For every business; there exists a digital solution intended to help your customers. If you’re a service provider; tell about your services and the procedures associated with it by a website.

If you’re a retailer with a product; built an eCommerce portal and start selling.

India Interactive has got the best digital solutions for all your business’ online needs.

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