You are currently viewing SEMRush Marketing Show 2019 – India’s Biggest Digital Marketing Event

SEMRush Marketing Show 2019 – India’s Biggest Digital Marketing Event

Starting with the big news!

We are pleased to announce that India Interactive is the only delegate from Agra who participated in India’s first-ever International Digital Marketing Conference – SEMRush Marketing Show. The event was organized by SEMrush (USA) in Bangalore on 5th December 2019. 

For all the tech-savvy and geeks, SAAS companies such as SEMRush is something everyone drools over. The company is well renowned for its excellent online visibility, marketing analytics, and software.

India Interactive feels the pride and privilege to meet the global leaders from SEMRush. It is enticing to announce that as conference participants, we got access to Workshops by global giants namely – Google, LinkedIn and SEMRush. 

Why is SEMRush Important?

SEMRush is among the prime service provider companies which assist digital marketers with its latest trends analytics and insights. Such is highly useful for brand promotion, product advertisement and everything under its blanket. 

As a digital marketing agency, all such analytics play a pivot role in designing online marketing strategies for our clients. Moreover, it does not just limit itself to the clients, it also helps us understand customer behaviour.

Secondly, in the same vein, it assists us to resolve viewer queries with better means of content marketing and engagement strategies.

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that helps in many ways to give mutual benefits to real customers and businesses.  It showcases a total spectrum of analytics of online marketing modules such as Search Engine Optimization, SEM, Online reputation management, email marketing, paid advertisements through Google and Facebook, etc.

This online services provider laid its operations in 2008. Over the years, its excellent services have helped plenty of brands to reach heights on their path to success and prosperity. 

“You have two hands, one to help yourself, the second to help others” –  As a result, SEMRush proves the quote true and the latest Marketing Show conducted will certainly help India Interactive to level up its online marketing strategies in successive days.

About SEMRush Marketing Show, Bangalore India

SEMRush Digital Marketing Conference 2019

SEMRush Digital Marketing Conference 2019

SEMRush Marketing Show 2019 was the first-ever International Digital Marketing Conference conducted on Indian soil for all the right reasons. As per the Google insights, India is witnessing a mobile revolution with 350M smartphone users in India in 2019. Consequently, it will expand to an expected 750M users in 2023. 

India is the fastest-growing ad market in the world. Today, the total Indian advertising expenditure is 13.1B (+14%YoY) where Digital as a part of advertising expenditure is 2.6B (+30% YoY). However, in the next 5 years, India looks forward to adopting the digital set to be the largest contributor to advertising expenditure. 

With mobile phones and internet connectivity in every hand, Indians spend 10GB per user per month of data. In fact, 75% of the total data consumption is on video content.

Furthermore, it will grow in double digits in the next few years. The rapid internet use in rural India is attracting the eyes of global brands and marketers. 

  • The purpose of the show was to spread knowledge and technical know-how to all marketers who want to achieve search engine marketing expertise. Let’s get the good thing flow! 
  • Gain Inspiration! “Every mountain top is within reach if you keep climbing”. The show was inclined towards developing new strategies and working smartly to become market leaders in our fields.
  • Life is all about growing! And being marketers, we try to make the most out of the insights and analytics of our previous efforts and gain up things with the latest trends and technological innovations. 
  • Networking is the antonym of ‘not working’! It was a great experience connecting with professional digital marketers and people interested in collaboration for holistic business growth. 

Show Highlights

The day started bright and had a lot of things in store for us! Our excitement was on cloud nine as Fernando Angulo, High-Performance Coach at SEMrush stepped in with a warm welcome speech. 

Followed by Olga Andrienko, the Global Marketing Head at SEMrush. She leads all SEMrush branding across over 50 countries. She ensures marketers all over the world have access to the best software to run effective online marketing campaigns. In addition to this, her brief on the state of content marketing in 2020 was something we will always treasure.

SEMRush Digital Marketing Conference 2019
Olga Andrienko

The complete show was split into four major heads:

  • The Growth Marketing Stage
  • The SEO Stage
  • The Online Ads Stage 
  • Workshops by Google, LinkedIn, and SEMrush

Another brightest shining star remained Nadeesh Ramachandran, the Head of Performance Solutions, Google.  He has a keen sense of sales and marketing in the digital age and is passionate about solving business problems using digital-first solutions. Subsequently, he briefed about the search insights which provide information about the search terms people use in search engines.

SEMRush Digital Marketing 2019
Nadeesh Ramachandran

It was a mind-boggling moment to hear about the rapid rise of internet users in rural India. Brands must utilize these sky-high opportunities to design and execute business marketing strategies for people living in villages and Tier III Indian cities.

Ridhi Adlakha, Digital Marketing Head, TCS

After that, Riddhi Adlakha, from TCS was another star speaker for the day. She explained in detail how marketing has changed over the years. And most importantly, how marketing will change in the future considering the rapid technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML).

Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement, Microsoft

Similarly, Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement from Microsoft was another showstopper for all PPC advertisers.

Pay per Click campaigns has helped businesses rank above the organic SEO rankings on the SERP. Big brands are also making the most of their PPC campaigns to defend their organic rankings with PPC Campaigns. 

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Thus, her words taught us to understand trends and stats which have proven to get better ROI for brands. And as a result, have helped in maximizing revenue for brands.

Concluding the guest speaker show, it was time to gear up for the workshops by SEMRush, LinkedIn and Google. The workshops were divided into three sections under the following heads – 

Alena Krinitsyna, Senior Technical Engineer – SEMRush Workshop 

  • Competitive research insights
  • Winning Keyword Strategy
  • SEMRush Use Cases

Alyce Eriskson, Regional Product Marketing Manager – LinkedIn Workshop

  • Social Media Ads Workshop

Google Workshop 

  • Search 
  • Display
  • Measurement


In conclusion, the first-ever International Digital Marketing Conference – SEMRush Marketing Show in India was full of tech-savvy enthusiasts.

Above all, we as marketers and were here to gain knowledge from the top speakers from globally recognized brands. 

Some of the most popular brands presented in the show were LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, TCS, Oranti, Uber, Shopify, Hubspot, and SEMrush, etc. To clarify. such companies are considered paramount idols for many.

India Interactive feels the privilege to be a delegate in the event and treasure all the knowledge and insights poured throughout the day. 

SEMrush Marketing Leaders
SEMrush Marketing Leaders

Hearing lots of speakers, case studies and stories, here are some of the concepts and topics that will eventually change the way we market and promote brands today – 

  • Business Growth Marketing Strategy 
  • Evolved Content Marketing Strategies for Search Engine as well as Users
  • Targeting ‘Bharat’, rural India and regional languages
  • Lead Generation strategies from various sources
  • Scientific SEO Strategies with an artistic touch
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Content distribution channels – text, images, infographics, and videos

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SEMRush International Digital Marketing Conference 2019
SEMRush International Digital Marketing Conference 2019

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