Refund & Cancellation Policy

Yes, we know that every single penny earned with hard work and compassion means a lot. And at any cost, we all, don’t want to lose a single one, uselessly. So, we at India Interactive, adhere you to provide the refund and cancellation policy. And by serving this we are just maintaining the relationship of services and customers.

There are almost as many possibilities, for the dissatisfaction. And why not it should be? This is a democratic country everyone has the right to an opinion. Some for our services could be non-worthy ones, we accept it, and this is a part of the working. So, we as much implied to refund as clients pay.

Coverage & Scope

Our refunds policy only covers the websites, which under our maintenance or designing process. We say that ‘give us an idea and we will try to design it’. At every crucial step of our work, we heartily try to involve the client in the project, so that client can see what is going on.

And in any case, client not satisfied by our services, no worry, we are their sole arbiter, if they have a valid reason to cancel. Reason for cancellation should be or must be a valid one. Clients can have a direct approach by drafting a mail at [email protected]. The amount that we have incurred during the project development along with management fee will be deducted/charged from the total and remaining will be refunded upon cancellation of services.

  • Domain and Hosting services
  • gSuit Subscription
  • Business or Enterprise email services
  • Content writing service
  • SSL subscription
  • Any service that involves third party subscription

Most Important: Taxes can’t be refunded by us as they are deposited directly at the end of each month, however it might be possible to reclaim those directly from the government.


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