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Ranthambore Safari: Annual Meet & Review 2018

Good organization or professional environment is just not having marvellous paintings on the walls or having wide spaces between the desks. Well, culture and how they are dipped in cultural activities, in spite of having a good command of professionalism, makes an Organization good and productive.

Annual Meet & Review

Being a part of this organization, I gladly sharing this post on our recent Office Trip (Annual Meet & Review) to Ranthambore. It was marvellous to experience. It gave us the time to create a much better bond between the leaders and main pillars of the Organization.

Jim Corbett Trip
Jim Corbett Pool

It is really a proud moment for us at India Interactive, that we have had five-consecutive Annual Meet & Review. This saga of office trips, started from Jaipur in 2014, next year in Sigri (Uttarakhand), then in Jageshwar (Uttarakhand), marvellous on a safari in Jim Corbett National Park (again in Uttarakhand), and this year, we went on safari in Ranthambore (Madhya Pradesh).

From Agra, we have to first reach, Sawai Madhopur and from there to the resort. SEO and Digital Marketing team, Web Designing team, Graphic Designers, and Web Development team, all pilled-up in company’s compound and we headed in the very early morning. We made 8 hours journey, 10 hours, just because we all wanted to see that charismatic, beautiful waterfall.

Damoh Waterfall (Dholpur District), is really a gift to Rajasthan and the best part of this beautiful place is, it is less-known. As we were there in the mid-monsoon, the petrichor, the lush green fields, and the murmuring of birds made our trek to a waterfall, tremendous. It was quietly much more fun there than the expectations.

The heart-pounding sound of water, falling from about 50 feet high was indescribable. Not only the waterfall made our way amazing, but the way itself is so nice that we just couldn’t be able to escape. We crossed small water (fast flowing) stream by building up a chain, few of us slipped due to the moss, and very few lost their floaters.

It was quarter past 3 when we arrived at the resort in Sawai Madhopur. That day was really a very tiring (worthy) one, we had lunch then some rest. In the evening, we had the pleasure of listening Rajasthani folk songs and the craziest part was, our dance on those folklores.

Fun Time

I personally don’t know that other organizations do that or not but my company is simply awesome. Let me just tell you little about the last year’s, Jim Corbett Trip. It was of 5 days trip, they are not just days, and they are bombastic. We all went through Army training, some of us learnt swimming, and many just got over there coyness. And that is all we need in a corporate world, as well as in daily life.

A trip with mates, tell us the answer to this question ‘Is I am in between right people?’ and ask me, the answer from inside-me was ‘YES”. Sharing a room with guys, who just meet in the office hours is sometimes all that we want from a daily hectic schedule. A beer-bottle in hand at the pool-side and delicious food to it makes perfect sense of office-trip.

We have visited the Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History, a picture-perfect place for the nature-lover. Ranthambore Fort, which was in the main region of Ranthambore National Park. We have spotted dancing Peacock, deer, and lots of langurs (colobines). Unluckily, we couldn’t be able to spot a tiger or a cub.

This was the beautiful Annual Meet & Review 2018 (office trip) and it ends in the same way, as good things happen. Though this chapter has many pages, let them in our memories only. And the Saga of trips will get a new one, every year.

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