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Life in the times of COVID19 Quarantine

Indians didn’t know what the word #Quarantine stands for until a few weeks ago when the deadly #Coronavirus entered India. The World Health Organization (WHO) has termed it as a pandemic and India along with a lot of countries are in a state of flux as no possible vaccine is visible or available to date.

Hence, as a lesson learned from the countries that have substantially reduced the number of new coronavirus cases; isolating ourselves into our homes is the only possible solution we can look forward to.

As per the advisory of the Government, India swiftly entered the complete lockdown stage in three steps. The schools and colleges were among the first to be shut. Then it was time to evacuate the public gathering places such as movie halls, gyms, pools, parks, zoos etc.

The third and the final stage of lockdown came after the #JantaCurfew which halted the maximum number of people at their places only. The country woke up in despair as most of the economic activities in the country were also shut and it was time to think about the survival, source of income and more.

What is Coronavirus?

COVID19 Quarantine

As per the WHO, Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can cause respiratory infections and it can range from the common cold to severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Well, it is not actually what the world is dealing with right now as –

COVID19 is not an ordinary Coronavirus!

Yes, the COVID19 is not a conventional coronavirus and has been newly discovered for the first time in Wuhan, China in 2019. All countries of the world are undergoing massive health checkups of their people as a way to identify, combat and contain the coronavirus from spreading.

Covid 19

Meanwhile, for India as a country, WHO has expectations that India has the potential to cruise out of this pandemic just like the previous ones such as the Swine Flu (H1N1), Pneumonia and more.

The Janta Curfew

What made Indians more engaged in combating the virus was the #JantaCurfew that was initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was a wave that united Indians irrespective of gender, religion, race, caste, politics or anything else.

The nation stepped out of their windows, balconies and praised the men and women in service during these tough times by making sounds in unison beating the ‘thali’ (Indian food plate). It was an emotional moment that made everyone realized that this battle can only be won by staying at home with our loved ones. Though exceptions are always there; the cops ensured that the roads are sanitized by sanitizer liquids, disinfectants, and lathis in combination. LOL

The Journey of Staying still.

It is well said that your problems can be managed if you’re strong, optimistic and positive. Adhering to what is the need of the hour and our commitment of service to our esteemed clients; Team India Interactive decided to take the learning curve on the positive note.

Unlike the conventional Indian DNA of working in cubicles and offices, we decided to be a part of that transition where we can shift our offices to our living rooms and bedrooms for the good.

While the outer world is still, I am on my couch, sipping a mug of coffee and writing this wonderful piece of content for you all. This is really incredible! Work from home is the new ‘chant’ for India Interactive now!

The new ‘Work from home’ culture is pretty decent as it allows us to save time by only travelling within the house, the snacks are good to go throughout the day and we all really pleased that.

Along with our work lives, the halt of human exploitation upon nature is also benefiting in healing our bio-diversity and wildlife. The lakes are cleaner than ever, the ozone layer is healing itself and the wild animals who were out of sight most of the time were now seen roaming across the cities.

Looks like nature seems to be telling us something. Stop Human! Enough is enough, let me heal first! Till then stay in your home and don’t move!

A look into the uncertainty

The economic activities in many countries are on a halt due to the lockdown and the global economies are moving towards economic recession. From here on, the path looks blur ahead as on this point of time, the number of new cases and deaths are consistently increasing and no possible vaccination is found yet.

The only ray of optimism is that there are a large number of people who are tested positive in the early stages of the disease have recovered and returned back to normal life with proper isolation, treatments, proper care and prevention.

India is under a lockdown of 21 days and is facing serious troubles for the lower-income groups! Similarly, the first world countries such as Italy, United States, Spain tops the list of the most number of coronavirus cases.

The #Quarantine days are just passing by! It starts with the dawn of new hope and ends with the prayers for families who have lost their loved ones and are suffering this pandemic. Pray for the world, Pray for India.