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Display Ads & Video Advertising Services

Display Ads can help businesses in increasing their sales figures really fast. These ads are created using graphical representation of your product, or service and are further advertised on various online places such as websites, social media in form of banner ads, gifs, videos, and more.

India Interactive is the one-stop solution to all your display and Video Ads needs. We provide holistic solutions to create and manage your display advertising campaigns and that too without costing you a leg and an arm.

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Understanding Display Advertising Services

Display Advertising Services

Website Advertising

Advertise your product or service on selected websites of your choice. Advertising on high-traffic websites yields better results as more viewers are prompted to click the ad.

Contextual Advertising

The ad placement in a contextual advertisement is keyword-based. It is placed on websites that have similar content with that of your ad campaign.


Display Ads work phenomenally when done to remarket your product/service to the audience who have earlier visited your website and have slightly engaged earlier.

Types of Display Ads

Types of Display Ads

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Our Display Advertising Services & Strategies

Advertising in the online space is a comprehensive thing and requires a well-planned advertising campaign followed by effective execution.

Here is a glimpse of what goes on the floor during an advertising campaign –

Campaign Structure

Depending upon your business type and goal of the campaign, our team works on all aspects before designing the campaign. It includes exploring and finalizing the publisher’s network, understanding the audience, and more.

Defining the audience

To make your ad campaign a success, deciding your ideal audience is an important task and under this step, we understand the demographics, interest, and behavior of your audience.

Ad creation and Optimization

Ad creation needs precision to design the best ad campaign. Several important elements play a pivotal role in determining the success of the entire campaign. The image, video, animation to be used in the ad must be created considering all the objectives in mind such as the text, color, content, and alignment, etc.

Landing Page

As the viewer will click on your ad, he will land to a certain landing page that has all details of your business’s products and services. It is important to have an impressive landing page and should prompt the viewer to engage and take the desired action. Hence, it should be properly optimized for ad purposes.

Analytics and Reporting

Every campaign is monitored till the ad campaign finishes. It is followed by a report which contains a comprehensive report of the performance of the ad.

Why people love India’s Interactive Display Advertising Services

Effective and Efficient Campaigns

In the same vein of our Digital marketing success, our Display and video ads services are effective and efficient. We deliver timely results keeping your desires in mind.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

We have a team of Digital marketers who works on more than 17 modules of Digital Marketing, display advertising being one of them. We engage separate dedicated manager for our advertisement campaigns that helps in making the campaign a success.

Analytics and Reporting

As your ad campaign finishes, our team will share a comprehensive analytical report of the entire campaign.

Competitive Pricing

Hassle-free advertising services at nominal prices!

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