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Why Does Google Penalize You? And How To Get Rid of Google Penalty

Webmasters may not be afraid of Lion but they do afraid of getting any kind of Penalty from Google. Every SEO Executive and Webmaster want that their website should be neat and clean. Also, a website should maintain a decent position in Google’s eye (if not be able to achieve good one).

Holding the hands of God, we are far away from this Google’s destructive gift (Google Penalty).

Google just wants that anyone who searched for anything, get the best of this Web World. And Google has several Algorithms which are so concerned with content that they can do anything, for the betterment of delivering accurate results.

Our deliberate team members of SEO services cross check every single (no matter big or small) point which is in favour of good SEO.

Google Penalty

What is a Google Penalty?

Every single second, Google is updating Search Algorithms, so that it can deliver the right thing on the searched phrase. But this fashion of penalizing websites, came into the existence after the Penguin Update rolled out in 2012.

Google Penalty is somewhere alike that in Penalty which we got in classrooms. As the teacher in those days used to give punishment on our mischievous activities, same thing the Google does. Whenever this almighty, detect any wrong thing on websites, he (I would like to call Google, he) feels proud in penalizing them.

Google Penalty is of two types

  • Manual Penalty
  • Algorithm Penalty

Google Manual Penalty

It is of a rare kind. Only 1% of websites get affected of this kind penalty. Google Webmasters manually check for picked websites and hung them till death, if found guilty.

Google Algorithm Penalty

Hundreds of Google Algorithms are working in harmony so that they can give the best results to the searchers. Rank Brain, Panda, Penguin, Page Layover, and many others have their own different work. Like Rank Brain works to give the most updated results, Panda works on Poor quality content, and likewise, other algorithms work in their respective fields.

So, this kind of penalty comes when an algorithm detects anything wrong in the peaceful running of this Search World. And gives mass destruction to the affected websites.

Recognizing a Google Penalty

Search Engine Optimization is so vast that keeping everything up to the mark can be a little daunting task. And sometimes, unluckily, we commit some mistakes that Google can’t able to overlook. And we end-up with getting penalized by Google.

Below are the key points which could indicate that our website got penalized.

  • Try out the basic one: write “site:Your domain” in the search line and hit the search button. If it shows some results them you are all in safe hands. If not, you have to be a worry.
  • Sign-in into your Webmaster Search Console and check out for any message from the team.
  • Keep an eye on the traffic of your website. If any Algorithm update and if your traffic slashes down, it probably gets hurt (Penalized).

How to Avoid a Google Penalty

If your website hit by any penalty, you need not to worry at all. You might be hit the world again by fixing the issues. However, you need to pace up your work and handle the following things.

Make Sure Your Website Up All The Time

You may have compiled some good thing or information on your website and the good part is people loving it. But what’s the good thing in that if your website is always slow, server frequently stays down or showing any kind of error.

Google will never consider your website a helpful one and this might end up with a hitting penalty.

Follow The Latest SEO Trends

Believe me, this is the main factor of getting any penalty. Because if you have not done a proper SEO of your website it will never make to Google’s eye.

Proper interlinking, mobile-friendly, relevant keywords, and many more things state that a website is properly optimized for search engine. Google Penalize a website which is over-optimized (keyword stuffing). So follow the Google rule if you want to stay away from Google Penalty.

Get Rid of Harmful Backlinks

Nowadays, Google is not a bunch of codes, it has evolved into a human being. A human being which is smart enough to figure out a bad way. And some handful of backlinks might tell him that they are the wrong ways.

Use any tool (we prefer using ahref) and list out all the bad backlinks (which have low DR and no follow tag) and disavow them.

Avoid Low-Quality Content

Google Panda Algorithm is all set to check the quality of the content. Like it should not be copied, it should be grammatically correct, and it should meet the demands of the searcher’s query.

Any content found plagiarized or having low readability, it will not get into the SERPs. So, one must be very choosy in terms of content.

Do Not Indulge Yourself in Black Hat SEO

Google Penguin Algorithm takes care of this backlink part.

In today’s date and time, it is not easy to fool Google. Earlier Webmasters used to increase rank in SERPs by using any kind of Black Hat SEO technique. But now, this practice is just frozen by Google Penguin. This algorithm keeps a track of all the backlinks that you are getting for your website.

And, in order to get the best results, we all have to follow it.