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Top 5 ways Google PPC and Adwords can help in your Business Growth

If you’re a business and willing a fast-paced growth in this digital era; Google PPC or Adwords is the best advertisement investment to go with.

It is easy, convenient and can perform outstanding results when done professionally. Let’s get a quick intro to what Adwords and Google PPC is all about. 

The Google Adwords (launched on 23rd October 2000) is an easy-to-use advertising platform, it lets you target your desired audience on different digital platforms.

Start advertising your product/services online and witness the wonders of search ads, display ads, video ads, shopping ads and a few more. 

These ads are shown to the viewers who have shown interest in your products or services similar to yours earlier, hence such viewers are most likely to convert as real customers. 

Ever thought of ‘sponsored’ ad or image coming at multiple places while you’re surfing the web? These are part of the Google PPC campaigns were an attractive ad image and content prompt you to click on it. The conversion ratio of such ads are indeed wonderful and are helping lots of businesses. 

What Is Google Adwords and PPC?

PPC stands for ‘Pay-Per-Click’! It is a simplified online business advertising model where an advertiser only pays when a viewer sees and clicks the ad.

It is a quick approach to get target traffic to your business by spending little money. The conversions of PPC clicks are higher when compared to clicks coming from organic results.

The present world is dominated by social media platforms, search engines such as Google, Bing and are making our lives easier. Google PPC here is a transformational tool which is used by all scale businesses to boost conversions.

Adwords makes the maximum use of the search queries and displays ads to people who have earlier shown interest in your product or service via search engines.

What the surveys say –

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Top Reason to go with Google PPC – 

Instant Brand Visibility –

Visibility is one of the vital pathways to your business’s success, it plays a pivot role in letting know your customer about who you are and what you sell. Further, online advertisement strategy via Google PPC and Adwords can do wonders in boosting your brand to your potential customers.

If you choose to use Google Adwords and PPC campaigns for the same, it will also let your customers know about why they should choose your product/service rather your competitor ones. 

Since, people are using mobile phones and internet like never before thus, Google PPC allows you to shine like a diamond above the organic searches on the Search Engines Results Page (SERP).

Easy to Measure Metrics – 

Every business needs advertisement, some do by spending ample of money on traditional methods while some do it spending smartly. Google PPC and Adwords is a smart option to choose as it gives you a higher return on investment (ROI) when compared to traditional marketing such as placing billboards.

For instance, consider you place billboards on roads to advertise your business. Investment in such advertisements is high and one cannot measure the actual customers who came to your business by seeing that billboard. Hence, measurement in such scenarios is difficult.

On the contrary, Google Adwords and PPC lets you measure the following metrics

  • Total online traffic coming to your website via paid advertisement campaigns.
  • The total number of clicks and source.
  • Ad Campaigns which lets you decide your target audience based on their behaviour, interests, demographics, language and many more.
  • Ad Analytics shows the total number of impressions (number of times your ad is seen) and the total number of clicks out of them.

Remarketing Strategies

The process to retarget your previous visited viewer is known as Re-marketing. It is easy and more feasible to convert such leads as the viewer is more inclined towards converting.

Google Remarketing Ads shows your Ads in a more relevant manner and also prompts your viewer to engage again when they see your Ad.

Remarketing your product/service and brand via Google Ads is a better way to make the most of your Ad cost! It provides a better Return on Investment as a repeated ad may tempt your visitor more than before to opt for your product/service.

Beat your competition with Google Adwords

Marketing discussions in office.

When you’re in a business, there are always ample of competitors who are better at marketing than yours. It necessarily doesn’t mean that you cannot outclass them. Google Adwords and PPC let you monitor your competitor’s marketing campaign and give you an opportunity to design and execute a better Adword strategy than them. 

Serving your customers better than your competitors is the first step to grow your business and get ahead. Since Google Adwords and PPC gives you transparent and accurate analytics, don’t stop and make the most of it. 


If you’re not using Google Adwords and PPC for your online Advertising at any time soon, you will certainly lose valuable customers. Since traditional marketing should go hand in hand with digital marketing in the 21st century, it is certainly the right time to switch to online platforms and online advertising. 

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

If you’re unsure about where to start from! opt for a Professional Digital Marketing Company.

It is the best way to get started with; the advertisers are thorough with the trends, designing and executing online ads.