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We trust in customizing social media strategies for every project we come through! After all, every business is different and gone are the days of simple social media posting without knowing who your audience is and what they want to see from your brand.


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An average person spends approx. 2 hours per day scrolling the social media platforms.

The #1 Social Media platform in the United States is YouTube.

Facebook sends the highest referral e-commerce traffic.

What is an ideal Social Media Campaign?

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An ideal social media campaign gives benefit of both worlds; helps in better engagement with viewers and customers. Secondly, it is used as a remarketing strategy that increases the chances of more conversions.
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Successful brands of the 21st century know the importance of social media marketing and one can easily name them on their fingertips.

A certain shift in the customer behaviour and preference is seen as people prefer to shop from brands who they follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc.

A successful social media campaign should not be limited to getting likes and comments; rather it should be put to use to resolve consumer queries.
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Why India Interactive For Social Media Marketing Services?

Social Media Marketing works better when it is used to establish yourself as a brand and not just a company that sells products or service.

Brands enjoy the following perks with their successful social media marketing campaigns.

India Interactive For Social Media Marketing Services

Increased Awareness

Social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube due to their vast viewership gives you a universe of opportunities to take leverage and increase the viewership of your brand across all platforms.

Brand Building

Creative content and out of the box social media marketing strategies are the only way out to stand apart and build a brand like none other. People love unique content with appealing graphics that connect with them better.

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Retail Sales

Social media platforms have been masterly evolving keeping the businesses’ and viewer’s perspective in mind. Unlike earlier times, it is now possible to list your products on Facebook and Instagram at your comfort to make retail sales.

Customer Satisfaction

A lot of brands have been successful in developing a healthy relationship with their customers and viewers on social media platforms. Once you start interacting with your viewers one by one through social media platforms, viewers tend to connect better with your brand and becomes loyal.

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What does India Interactive do in Social Media Marketing Services?

To reach somewhere, the right path must be looked for and walked upon! Similarly, to achieve success in social media marketing for your brand, a well-developed social media strategy is needed that not just looks captivating but also works and drive results.

SMM Services in india

Here is a glimpse of our social media marketing strategy building process.

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Send us your requirements and we’ll suggest the ways you can level up your online marketing and planning.
Start with building a social media marketing strategy which includes content creation along with creative graphics. This is just the way to get started with, however like every growth-oriented business if you want to make an edge above your competitors, we recommend you to opt for professional social media marketing services where trained experts with years of experience in managing campaigns will design a nice social media marketing strategy for your brand and will also maintain it with the trending strategies and techniques.