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Forum Posting and Link building Services

Directory submissions are an important part of the SEO perspective. It helps you create an impressive business profile on the web from where your viewers can see about your business and can connect with you easily.

While doing directory submissions, the URL of your website is submitted into a directory website under a particular category of your business.

At India Interactive, our SEO experts put consistent inputs in finding the most suitable directories and forums to create business profiles of clients. Directory sites with high authorities get helps in driving real traffic to your site; thus improving your SEO performance.

Forums are yet another way to create good backlinks for a website. The audience in the forums is authentic and if your answers in forums can resolve the queries of your viewers; you will substantially start getting increased traffic in no time.

Does Directory Submission still work?

Of course Yes! Though also backed by the way you do it. To excel in it, you need to find the right websites with good traffic. It’s also important to submit your URL in the right category. If done right, it can really help you drive good traffic.

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Why Choose India Interactive for Forum Posting and Directory Submission?

Forum Posting and Link building Services

Record Submissions

Over the years of experience of directory and forum submissions for a wide range of clients, we understand well the procedures for approved listings and approved responses in submitting our answer in forums. It helps us easily find the best spaces for submission.

Weekly monitoring

Our SEO efforts are weekly monitored and cross-checking of our backlink submissions helps us know about the nature of websites we are submitting in. It further helps us in improvising our strategy for further SEO efforts.

100% Transparency

We maintain 100% transparency with our clients and through monthly reporting, we share our every month activities undergone.


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