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A good website should not only be compelling to your audience but should be Google friendly too. After all, it’s a necessity for being competitive in the online world. 

Your website is your business’s face and if you’ve got that first impression; the viewer will stick and send an inquiry.

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Why does a good website design matter?

Just like everyone likes to admire the beauty of things; websites which are optimized with user-friendly elements, relevant images and engaging content gets more viewership. Check out the following benefits of great website design and reconsider your investment decision with the best Web Design Services in India

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We navigate thousands of websites in a week. Have you observed that a website with an attractive design and easy navigation gives an extravagant browsing experience? Because it allows you to spend more time exploring a website and discover what you are looking for.

Designing a website needs strategic planning, skills, and effective implementation! a good website design attracts and retains visitors and consequently helps in increased conversion

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Business Credibility

Within 50 milliseconds after visiting your website, a viewer can judge your business’s credibility. Having an intelligently designed website and offering a great user experience, you can make a difference and get ahead of your competitors.

Hence, it’s important to show what you are good at and what services you provide! A responsive website with relevant content is all you need to give your visitors a wonderful user experience.


Great website design and user-generated content welcomes higher conversions! Think about the Apple website that prompts its visitors to buy the latest iPhone every now and then.

Get a professional website designed for your business with India Interactive – the best website design company in India. A website which is SEO and mobile friendly to brings audience and an interactive design that engages with your website visitors.

Custom Website Design Services by India Interactive

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Our dedicated project managers ensure you get priority support and in due time. Being a trusted website service provider in India for over a decade, we hold pride in designing more than 800 websites for various niches.

What Do We Do in Our Website Design Services?

India Interactive offers full-fledged website design services at competitive prices!
We begin with understanding your website design requirements in a 1:1 Zoom meeting! Then we brainstorm ideas with our team to draw a project plan. The goal is to pick and work on the areas that prompt your viewers to engage better with your website. And if you already have a website and are looking for a better design and functionality; we can be of your help.
SEO Friendly Website Design Services

Search Engine Optimized Website Design

With a ratio of 69.3%, Google holds the top position of being the favorite and most used search engine. Clearly, we can understand the need for good SEO techniques in 2022 to increase the website’s rankings in Google search results.

The importance of online visibility has increased post-pandemic for every business. Hence, every website we build is SEO-ready. Once you start ranking high on your targeted keywords; the number of visitors will increase gradually and will out-turn better conversions and sales.


The more the better! search engine bots are hungry for content so the more website pages you have, the better results you can expect. Not only does Google love well-crafted content but you can also showcase your business offerings to your audience in an organized way.

With over a decade of experience in designing websites; we recommend 30+ pages as optimum to show who you are, what you do and why should people choose you over others!

Nevertheless, you can also start with lesser pages as well if you’re starting a new business with limited services and can increase the number of pages when you feel like.

You can also start with fewer pages if you’re a new business. But don’t forget to put good quality content mentioning your services. Get in touch with our experts if you are not sure how to start. Dial IN +91 87916 11777 , US +1 (805) 308-0151

Mobile-friendly aka Responsive Website Design

Content is like water, it takes the shape of the vessel it gets in! Similarly, with the increase in device types, sizes, and orientation; an all device compatible or responsive website is the need of the hour.

We design mobile-responsive or all device-compatible websites so that it responds to the users’ behavior in all devices, sizes, and orientations. India Interactive feels the pride to be associated with global giants for their mobile responsive website designing and development.

Responsive Website Design Company India

Interactive User Interface for Best User Experience

Giving a pleasing user experience is essential because if you aren’t able to satisfy your visitors; someone else will. So why not take the first-mover advantage and invest in the best web design services?

Our web designers and developers understand what your users want in your website. Do you know that visitors tend to focus more on the left side of the screen than on the right side? Well, we do! so we make sure your USPs are well-read and engaged with!

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The cost of a new website varies upon factors such as the number of webpages, content creation, CMS development options and other components. Similarly, the prices also depend upon the platform technology you choose to build your website.

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On average, we give 15 days’ turnaround time for a static website and approx. one month i.e. 4 – 5 weeks for a dynamic website. The turnaround time is also subject to increase or decrease as per the needs of the website you intend to build.

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Absolutely yes! We will deliver a fully responsive website with excellent behaviour on all devices of your choice. We share a growth-oriented perspective with our clients and hence, we understand the need for a mobile-friendly website. Our services are inclined to providing the best services at affordable prices.

Another 100% Yes! India Interactive will be glad to serve you with best of its Digital Marketing services. We work across several industry lines and makes sure that everyone’s need is duly served with our result-oriented strategies.

It is truly said ‘a website is not the end, it is the beginning’. We have a fleet of digital marketing experts who understand digital trends and amend the latest online marketing techniques from time to time.

With utmost faith; India Interactive is the right pick to get the best return on investment for online marketing of your latest online visibility.

Every promotion, branding, advertising of a company or its products and services through internet medium is online marketing/digital marketing. Over a while, the digital marketing world has widened a lot and one can promote their products/services through several online mediums.

Some of the most prominent and trusted modules in digital marketing are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Email Marketing, Banner Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

All modules of digital marketing need well-planned strategies and effective implementation for quick and best results. To start with, we suggest going with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. These can help you drive traffic to your new website and people will start knowing your business better.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, recall about the websites which come on top of the Google search results which you search for a query. People tend to go with the topmost ranking websites as it is convenient to surf them and Google also prefers those website best for your search query.

Likewise, the purpose of SEO activities is to get your website on top of the search results page so you get the maximum visitors on your website.

Social Media Marketing is to promote your brand to your potential customers where they spend time the most! Social Media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are a few of the most popular social media platforms with millions of daily users.

We all love scrolling through the feeds! With active social media marketing practices; we will give you a strong social media presence with a good number of followers and trustworthy viewership.

It is easy to connect better and resolve customer’s queries on social media in comparison to any other means. It is a win-win situation as it also allows you to offer your special deals, seasonal discounts etc on social media platforms.