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COO Manu Dutt’s India Interactive Delivers a Holistic Approach to Businesses for Enhanced Visibility

Established in 2006, India Interactive is a digital solutions provider with thought leaders coming from different walks of IT consultancy fields. With its development center in Agra, India, the firm operates from various branch offices in the USA, Thailand, and India. The COO of the firm, Manu Dutt, also acts as a project manager, apart from looking after his core responsibilities, which include managing the overall operations and resources of the company.

As a unit of innovative professionals, they thrive on inventing new means to reach, connect, and develop relationships with consumers across diverse digital channels. The firm was founded with an aim to provide measurable solutions where businesses can track and see quantified results of the actions taken.

GoodFirms interviewed Manu Dutt as part of their initiative to gain insights into leading service providers. What follows is an excerpt from that illumination conversation.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Practices:

While discussing the essence of Digital Marketing with Manu Dutt, he shared that the strategy revolving around your advertising needs to be in sync with the marketing and operational objectives that are to be achieved through the campaign. Leveraging more than 10 years of experience in the field, their certified professionals deliver niche marketing ideas to their clients. The seasoned marketers at the firm give prominence to define KPIs in order to construct a successful strategy for their clients carefully.

India Interactive Review

Deepak Sharma is the Digital Marketing Manager at WhatsNExtWay and who consistently collaborates with India Interactive for all the Digital Marketing needs of his firm.

KPIs correspond to measurable values that allow businesses to evaluate the success of the practices involved across all marketing channels. Cost Per Lead, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and Website Visits Per Marketing Channel are a few of the KPIs that the team at India Interactive considers while devising marketing strategies.

India Interactive has emerged as one of the best branding agencies at GoodFirms as a direct result of their dominance in the Digital Marketing arena.

Web Development Targeted to Achieve Operational Objectives:

Manu Dutt was asked to share the key aspects that need constant vigilance to run a successful agency. He explained that talent with exposure to industry experience, proper planning, and commitment are some of the key areas to which importance is given at Indian Interactive. They operate, Dutt elaborated, intending to add value to a client’s practices and generate results and business that can be quantified and not merely deliver services.

Their practices have made the firm a premier choice when it comes to digital development, and thus they are aligned with the path that will lead them to be recognized as one of the top web developers at GoodFirms. Their customer-centric approach has enabled them to serve diverse industries that include Travel, Education, and Hospitality. They understand the importance of visibility for a business and concentrate their focus on enhancing it for their clients at all fronts possible. Their team of developers has delivered robust solutions in custom web applications and mobile app development.

To learn more about the COO and his firm, continue to engage with the complete interview here at GoodFirms, where Manu Dutt revealed this and more.

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