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Augmented Reality in SEO – The Era of Turning Technology

In this post, we are going to discuss Augment Reality and its effect on search engine results (Search Engine Optimisation). Believe me, it is going to be legend-wait for it-dary, legendary, companies like Apple and Google are planning to have it as a there most amazing feature.


The upcoming era of new technology will bloom out the market in every field. We are on the verge of entering in a world, which will be full of things that we think, can get the picture in front of us what we imagine, and can make the things by just thinking about it. Isn’t it cool?

What is Augmented Reality?

Many of you were thinking, now what the heck is this AR? It is very important to know what is AR? And what’s its role in the field of technology? Let me just tell you about it by giving a small example.

AR features

About some couple of years ago, there was a game which shaken the whole gaming industry and most of you might have heard about it, Pokémon Go. This game is totally using this AR feature. In this game, a Pokémon character will eventually pops-up on the screen of mobile but in reality, it was not there. This presentation of Pokémon character on the mobile screens is the Augmented Reality.

Nowadays, this technology is at its infant stage and many companies are trying to put it in their good running. I just can’t be able to imagine that world of composite reality (half true and half augmented).

Insta Filter

In short, Augmented Reality uses technology to overlay visuals onto surroundings in the real World. Alike the filters in Snapchat and Instagram, they are comprised of this AR features.

7 Predictions for the Future of Augmented Reality

Recently I have seen that big Apple event, held on September 12 in California. In that event, the CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, introduces some new iPhones. I was really stunned by what I saw in that event, Apple Inc. is just going to launch an iPhone which will be accustomed of this feature.

In this event, he and his team more emphasized on augmented reality, they just tried to change the gaming world by the use of this technology.

Here are some key features for the future of AR

  1. Your Mobile Phone Will Become Even More Pervasive and Social
  2. Gamification Will Permeate the Workplace
  3. E-commerce Will Be Redefined
  4. Product Design Will Become Revolutionary
  5. Working Conditions Will Become Safer
  6. City Infrastructure Will Improve
  7. Enhanced Delivery and Access to Healthcare

How Augmented Reality affects the Search Engines

AR is not just for games and social media filters, this technology is in popularity. It will affect the businesses also.

Let’s have a dive into the SEO aspects of AR.

There are Search Engines and they all use their known algorithms for displaying the best result. Bots or Crawlers will find out the most relevant content based on the user’s search. And that’s how the websites get ranked.

The exponentially grow of AR feature makes the algorithms to adjust according to it. So offering AR content will eventually help you in getting the good position of search results.

And if you want to get the top position, it is really mandatory to keep an eye on this augmented reality trend. It will help you to stay on the top of the latest technological advancements.


Now the Era is here and the rise in AR cab be both the wave that takes you out to greatness and the breath of fresh air to upgrade your marketing game.

It’s time for your business to start planning and get your head into this technology. Start from the very beginning if you haven’t or get your Google listing, applications, and everything complied with this technology.

This technology is going to affect all of us when it comes to SEO. Not this year or in two, but it will.

Get ready for everything that this technology going to change and get a step ahead from your competitor’s planning.



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