About India Interactive Marketing Agency

India Interactive is a team of intellectuals working together to help startups and businesses gain their online presence. Our team is headed by Mr. Manu Dutt, founder, and CEO of the organization.

We started small in 2006 with the goal to provide excellent IT and Digital Marketing services to all types of businesses and startups who share a similar vision of creating a strong online presence.

It all started with a bunch of young tech enthusiasts whose passion, the commitment to excellence has made us a team of 23+ today. We feel the delight to be a Trusted Digital Marketing Agency in India with a strong customer base in 5 continents of the world.

What separates India Interactive from our competitors is that we look towards establishing a long-term partnership with our clients. Our core ethics and the quality services have brought us glory, and a connection of more than 500 clients globally.

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Why do people love us

Our impressive client retention rate is our testimony to the successful years of service for our clients. Also, we enjoy a decorated record for the client’s desired results deliverables within the committed timeline.

The information technology industry is a very dynamic industry and over the years of service for more than 500 businesses, one thing that remained constant for us is ‘Innovation’. Our teams go through the constant mechanism of research and development in their respective fields. It helps them to hone their skills and level up their performance and abilities.

Team and Culture

Our organization has a team of more than 23 people who have always held each other’s hands and have worked in sync for the growth and prosperity of the organization. We truly treasure our team members who have experience of more than 6 years working with us.

The journey is going phenomenal with everyone and our office culture and fun is something that will make you jaw dropped just in case you came over on a gathering on occasion or festival.

‘One for all and all for one’

We rejoice every occasion, festival, birthdays with each other, and conduct monthly activities, short trips, and countless casual outings. We just love it to the core!

Quality Services and Customer Support

India Interactive provides end-to-end digital solutions that work to build a great online presence. One must understand that having a website isn’t the end, it is the beginning of the journey of the online marketing world.

In the parallel lines, social media is reaching its daily high of new users and new ways to promote your product, services, or brand. Simultaneously, if you have a product or service that is specific to some season or time period, spending a few bucks extra in the online advertising space via Facebook Ads and Google Ads will surely give you phenomenal return on investments.

To ensure that all such objectives are met effectively and efficiently; India Interactive is the ideal one-stop solution for all such needs. We have a comprehensive service plan that takes care of all your concerns and will help you to stay ahead of your competition in this highly competitive market.

Best Digital Solutions

We provide follow-up services by our deemed Consultant Ms. Anjali Baliyan who treasures a deep understanding of the IT world and shares her suggestions and recommendations on a timely basis with the clients.

Meet our Founder

Mr. Manu Dutt is the man behind the idea and existence of India Interactive. He is a science graduate from Agra University (Agra) and has profound knowledge and experience working in cutting-edge digital technologies of the present times. Some of the most popular ones are .Net, PHP, HTML, and more.

He is the project manager and is always keen on giving solutions to complex situations, mentoring the team & motivating them to grow their personal skills along with the organization’s growth.

Businesses must not be busyness! Hence, when he is vacant, he loves to read about Entrepreneurship, Startups, writes a blog, mentors the youth, teach kids to code and enjoy time with his family and team altogether.


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