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AAROHAN – Annual Meet & Review 2019

Being a much-revered web design, graphic design, and a digital marketing company, it is our soulful duty to remain creative. And this very thing doesn’t come easily. We have to taste many things to feel that creativity in ourselves. These are the essence in the air, the kindness in nature, and more importantly, adrenaline rush in the body. And in reference to this, Team India Interactive conquered the Nag Tibba Trek.

Trip Start

Our journey in quest of creativity does not start from here. Every year, we organize AAROHAN! An Annual Meet and Review program where we review our performances, make improvements, cherish our accomplishment and target to achieve something new for the preceding year. Annual Meet 2017 in Jim Corbett, Annual Meet 2018 in Ranthambore, and this time we chose an annual meet with some seasoning of adventure and creativity. Annual Meet & Review 2019 in Rishikesh.

It was a full-pack 3 days adventurous office trip to Rishikesh and Nag Tibba Peak. I don’t want to call it a trip, rather I would like to call it an office trek. Starting from the night of 27th March to the very morning of 31st March. A time full of Passion do to something, compassion for nature, and Madness to let creativity go inside.

Day 01: Annual Meet and Review in Rishikesh

What first came in your mind when you hear the name Rishikesh? Well, if you ask a traveller, enthusiast, and an explorer, most probably you will get the answer ‘River Rafting’. Besides the immense presence of Holy River Ganga and those eye-captivating Himalayan Mountain ranges, Rishikesh is now taken as one of the adventure sports destinations. And this is just because of River Rafting.

River Rafting

Well, this very adventurous sport is one of those things which people like to do in life before they die and literally, this very sport tells enthusiasts that you are living and with all that courage. And yes, we at India Interactive, every single person tasted the fear at River Rafting.

Just upon our arrival at the destined place in Rishikesh, we all were allotted our camps, in which we had an overnight stay. There we all freshened-up, we had a good breakfast and after that, the show began.

Dreadful Adventure: The River Rafting

Those who have done this can relate that they have ticked one more thing in their “to do list”. River Rafting is really an amazing experience to get in life, it just gives us some more stories to tell. And especially that Cliff jumping from the height. Let me explain this, there is a 50 feet high cliff, in the middle of steep mountains and we have to jump from that in the middle of River Ganga. Not aware of how much deep you will go inside the water.

Every Single person of the organization cherished that fear of death. That was a really heart-pounding moment when you pass through the rapids and the strong tides attack full-fiercely on your face. That very moment lets us think, are we still alive? Have we crossed those waves? And the heart screams out YES!

Annual Meet & Review in Rishikesh

Volley Ball

After such a long-run day, we all need a good meal and an afternoon-long nap. And it goes the same way, we had a great lunch and forty-winks too. In the evening, after a high-tea, we played VolleyBall, some did photo-shoot, and some were lost in the middle of those Himalayan Terrains.

Now the time came for which we were there, Annual Meet and Review 2019. The Sun has already gone below the horizon, and the stars were started glittering up high in the sky. Organization’s High Authorities, Co-workers, and supporters too, all were gathered around the bonfire. Starting from our Founder and CCO (Chief Commanding Officer), Mr Manu Dutt, we all reviewed our statistics, planning, and techniques. So that, we could combinedly groom them, if they need.

Annual Meet and Review

After that, the award-giving ceremony took place, all the arduous, focused, and efficient employees awarded with presents and amazing titled certificates. We all have enjoyed that night amazingly, we all were miles away from our corporate world, though it was for a short period of time. We did dance, we sang songs, and even we all have played Hide-n-Seek. Nonetheless, which office trip considered as completed without the Horror talk? Yes, pranked our seniors as ghosts.

This was all from our Annual Meet and Review in Rishikesh. We had a great night in our camps in Rishikesh and we were buckled-up for the next 2 days Nag Tibba Trek.